The born free™ Story

Let us help you get free from clutter. Free from worry and distraction. Free to parent and live the way you want.

born free™ was born out of the firm belief that baby product essentials should be beautiful, versatile, and accessible, so you’ll be free to live your best life as a family. As parents ourselves, we know that having children doesn’t mean abandoning your personal sense of style or ambitions.
At born free, we deeply believe that:
  • Less is more
  • Simple doesn’t mean boring or basic
  • Products should work effortlessly and fit seamlessly into your life
  • Families should be free to comfortably, safely, and fashionably explore their world together
We're a new kind of baby products company. 
Every one of our bouncers, playards, strollers, and baby carriers represents a high level of design with the features parents want most. 

 We know that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Becoming a parent means your world will become more full of love, joy and everything in between. 
Your little baby was born free.